I wasn’t sure about joining but I’m so glad I did!

Some people are unsure about whether to join the Reflux Infants Support Association because they’re not sure of the quality of what RISA could have to offer. So here are some testimonials from members who’ve trodden the reflux road…

The Facebook group saved my sanity! A fantastic group of people who understand, listen and offer helpful advice.
Claire, Perth WA.

My sanity is worth at least $35
Katie, Melbourne

It made my feel like I wasn’t alone in the battle with reflux! And it helped make me realise all the feelings and emotions I go through are completely normal. I really wish I joined sooner.
Louise, Adelaide

I had so many unanswered questions that RISA members have helped me solve as well as letting me know about specialists that are available
Erin, Sydney

It was the first time I felt heard and supported since my first child was diagnosed with GORD. I knew that the RISA members just “got it” and never judged me. RISA is often my primary source for information, advice ad support in relation to both my children’s health.
CY, Sydney

With the help of RISA I found medical professionals who actually listened to me and who had excellent knowledge of reflux. I also received great support from other mums who knew exactly what I was going through. This support has kept me sane during those most difficult, sleep deprived days. It also helped greatly to have people who understand this journey, to listen and give advice. I wouldn’t have survived this reflux journey without RISA! Wish I joined sooner....
Michelle, Sydney

All the knowledge I have gained on how to better manage my children’s reflux has come from other RISA mums, not the numerous health professionals we have seen. Bianca, Regional Qld

RISA saved my sanity. Fantastic information and checklists that were instrumental in getting a proper diagnosis for my little girl. Great support from people who have been or are going through the same thing.
Emma, Sydney

The members of RISA are parents and carers who know first hand what it means to have a child with reflux and all associated issues and these amazing people are an immense source of knowledge and support.
Nadine, Sydney

I wish I had found RISA sooner! The joining fee of $35 was so worth it as the collective group have a wealth of information about how to manage reflux bubs and have the knowledge for which professionals to see who know how to help. I can’t thank this group enough as I was losing the plot but now my bub is managed with the right medication and is a completely different baby!
Sarah, Central Coast, NSW.

When its 2am, your up for the 10th time and u just don’t know what to do about your screaming baby RISA is there. The huge network of families who have traveled or are traveling the reflux road will always be there for you with practical advice, support and knowledge. No matter what time of day or night RISA will be there.
Janine, Brisbane, member for 8yrs.

It proved I was sane.
Leisa, Northern NSW, member 4 years

Having access to the advice of others mums in the same situation as me has been invaluable. I have learnt more from RISA than I have from any of the number of doctors/specialists we have seen. In the lonely, desperate small hours of the morning to be able to post a question and have almost immediate responses from sympathetic and similarly sleep deprived mums has been a wonderful support. The $35 is also worth it simply to know than I wasn’t alone on this tough journey.
Phoebe, Perth, WA

Without it I would not have had a diagnosis for my boys. RISA gave me the support and encouragement I needed to keep persevering when I knew something was wrong. The knowledge and advice I’ve gained has been absolutely life changing for my family.
Jess, Broome, WA

I’m pretty sure RISA saved my child’s life. Other RISA mums taught me how to sleep my tube fed baby safely after we’d found her with it wrapped around her neck. RISA is about the not-so-small practical stuff that saves your sanity. It’s about having a brains trust when yours is so tired & over-wrought its no longer working. Plus it’s nice to know my membership fee has gone toward helping other parents find out about RISA and saved other babies in pain from months of unnecessary suffering.
Jo, Sydney – member 4 years.

I found a place where I was not alone, I understood and was understood, and found only support and information, no judgment.
Gauri, Sydney.

My RISA membership was easily the best $35 I’ve spent during my child’s reflux journey, which is ongoing, and I’ve gained more from my membership than I have from any appointment, specialist, test or procedure. Reflux doesn’t have an overnight cure, so it’s about survival. In our darkest days, when I was at my wits end, even if it was 2am, there was always someone there to respond and help keep my head above water. The advice is informed and practical and the support is genuine. These are parents who have lived what you’re living, and explored all avenues to help their kids… not doctors who’ve read a couple of paragraphs in an out-of-date textbook. What more could you want for $35.
Sam, Melbourne.

I would have swung from a tree to help my baby girl…. Actually I paid $35 and I have had access to experienced parents of reflux kids, all of whom have been where I have been and have experienced what I have experienced. This group is consistently supportive and best of all doesn’t judge. That alone is worth $35.
Ali, Central Coast

During the anxious and sleep deprived months of Jack’s life (when he was so unwell, vomiting blood / frequent specialist visits to Sydney/ allergic reactions taking him to hospital / trialling medications and prescription formulas), I felt so alone and helpless. RISA gave me a forum to voice my frustrations, anxieties and fears and helped support, nurture and steer me to recommended health professionals and care. Most importantly it connected me with other parents who were going through the same experience. Still 5 years on, I still gain so much from this group – a one off payment of $35 is definitely worth the investment for the information, support and guidance I receive ongoing!
Kate, Wollongong

In hindsight I would have paid triple the membership fee and would have done so sooner. The support and comfort I have received from RISA’s fellow mums has been invaluable. It’s like having the most supportive family you could wish for.
Angela, Sydney.

RISA membership was without a doubt one of the best $35 I’ve ever spent and wish I had known about it years ago with my first bub. I have no idea what is around the corner with my youngest, but I know that no matter what questions or worries I have, other RISA parents will be a wide source of information and support. It’s kept me sane in the toughest hours when I’ve felt stressed and alone. What a wonderful group of intelligent, empathetic and welcoming parents who can normalise worries and frustrations and give a virtual hug when the tears are rolling!
Olivia, Sydney

The support I’ve received from RISA has been immense. I did wonder if I’d ever get any use from the membership, but in the first few days, going through the forums and reading through the Facebook group, made me feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel and I wasn’t alone. Without it, I may have gone bonkers. I have recommended friends with reflux babies to join without hesitation as the help I’ve received has been invaluable. Best money I ever spent.
Leeanne, Sydney

I would have to say the joining fee is such a small price to pay for the knowledge, support and help received in this group. My daughter is a twin and had silent reflux from near birth with added respiratory issues – in hospital for days each month and hitting a brick wall with specialists. Here the support of the admin and members have been a godsend – to even get financial assistance from many of you. I still touches me how much people care. I can never repay you all for the support I have received on here. So many parents/children suffering and to get the support and understanding on here to me is priceless… I have to say as well I cannot thank you all enough for the help we got from here. Thank you, thank you thank you.
Anna Louise, Tasmania

I was hesitant to pay the $35 at first because money has been very tight for me since Emma was born, but it really saved both me and Emma. The tips and tricks and support from the Facebook group really helped us, but the biggest help was my local RISA mothers group. Both Emma and I have found some best friends through RISA, and as a single mum I couldn’t have coped without the support (and the caffeine!) these friends gave me during Emma’s hospital admissions. I always found regular mothers group upsetting because although the other mums were lovely, my baby was always the screaming one, who would never let me sit down and who drowned out all the conversations with her crying. Through my RISA’s mothers group, other mums looked after Emma whilst I slept or did some food shopping (something my regular mothers group could never have handled!). I couldn’t have made it through this first year without RISA, and can’t thank its admin team and members enough.
Gabi, Sydney