Love Your Guts Logo V2*with thanks to Alice Nichols from The Whole Daily for allowing us to steal the title of her e-book for this little campaign.

We’re starting a month long series of thought starters on the gut… things that might be contributing to the pain and discomfort of our little people, and the longer term suffering for those who come from a long line of people with gut problems. What can be done to help? What have other cultures done in the past? How can a gut be healed? Who’s doing the thinking? What can I do?

There’s lots to think about when it comes to gut health and not a lot of time when your a parent to a reflux kid (or two or three). But there’s nothing more determined than the parent of a sick kid, when it comes to finding answers.


This little series doesn’t pretend to have the answers. It just poses thought starters. Provides you with links to people, doctors, bloggers, journalists who are doing the thinking and the asking and providing a platform for you to find your own path.

And we want to encourage you to discuss these topics. We’re going to be posting on our main public facebook page (but be warned, people are less free with their experiences there), on our private facebook group for members (if you are a member and don’t have access for some reason email and also now on our new forums for members. If you’re not on the new forums yet, go here to find out how.

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