On the Reflux Infants Support Association Inc (RISA) website, parents will find reliable and expertly validated information and resources to support them in the difficult work of raising children with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) and its complications as well as looking after their own needs. The website is growing all the time and covers a range of up-to-date topics relevant to the needs of reflux parents.

Key offerings on the RISA website include:

  • Accessible and credible information.
  • Opportunities to connect through our forums, social networking and other support services.
  • Reliable and scientifically validated content.

Information on GORD in Infancy & Childhood

The RISA website offers up-to-date, research-based material on a variety of topics relevant to parents of children diagnosed with GORD including general information on diagnosis and symptoms, day-to-day management, when to seek medical advice along with personal stories and information to provide moral support and identifiable experiences reflux parents can relate to and take strength from. The RISA website also aims to educate the general community about the impact of infant and childhood GORD on families.

The website contains printable information sheets on key aspects of managing a reflux child.

RISA works with other related peak organisations and incorporates the advice and input of a network of experts including paediatric gastroenterologists, paediatric surgeons and other medical and associated professionals. We are fortunate in RISA’s executive and members to have a variety of medical professionals trained in relevant areas including pharmacists, paediatric nurses, speech therapists, GPs and others. We research and commission original content, form partnerships to incorporate quality content produced elsewhere and draw on existing parenting information from many sources. Content also includes personal narratives.

All material has been developed to be engaging and relevant, with a focus on accessibility and reliability.

Where content is personal it is clearly marked as such.

Where content touches on topics that may require a reader to seek further help, relevant links and information is provided. For instance, a story on post-natal depression will list and link as many relevant government and NGO services for readers to seek further information or help if required.

Opportunities to Connect

Through the many links, content partners and services listed on the RISA website, parents can learn about and connect with each other.

Use the website to:

  • Join a reflux parenting forum.
  • Join our social networking groups.
  • Find reflux parent-specific services and support.

Reliable & Scientific Content

All content on the website has been verified by experts in relevant fields and reviewed regularly.  Medical content is created and or reviewed by some of Australia’s and international pre-eminent experts in paediatric gastroenterology. Personal stories are created by volunteers and edited by other experienced parents. They are clearly marked as not providing medical advice.

The quality assessment process ensures that each piece of website content is approved by an independent expert for accuracy and validity.

The content aims to be easy to understand, remember and act on. It also aims to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Our forums and social networking groups are governed by our Social Media Policy. Broadly this requires people to avoid mentioning specific medical professionals or providing specific medical advice and any transgressions are promptly moderated by our moderation team.

Posts are required to be polite and positive. Unsupportive posts and comments are promptly removed.

Content gathered through our websites is governed by our Privacy Policy.