There are a few reasons we may take down your posts. Posts may be removed at the discretion of our moderators or management committee.

  1. If your post may offend or distress anyone. We are a support organisation so we like to keep it positive at all times.
    • That means no swearing, racist, sexist or otherwise nasty comments. And certainly no personal attacks. Please keep in mind that another family may be doing different things to you (for example breast or bottle feeding), and we will not tolerate negative judgement of any kind.
  2. If your post is defamatory of any organisation (including ours).
    • That means no posting accusations and allegations of crimes or misconduct. If you need to report an organisation you believe is guilty of unethical activity, you should call the ACNC Taskforce on 1800 020 008.
  3. If you flood our feed, making it hard for others to get a word in.
    • We are thrilled for you to make your point and engage RISA or anyone else in polite, informed and continued discussion, but we will not allow anyone to hijack our sites. We want there to be room for everyone to comment.
  4. If you post information that may endanger your privacy.
    • It’s never a good idea to share intimate information (for example phone numbers, private email addresses, family photos) on public sites, and if we think you’ve posted something others may abuse, we’ll take it down to protect you.
  5. If you post medical advice to others.
    • While our posts often discuss the type of things you do with your family, it is against RISA’s policy to recommend medication changes or information regarding dosages in this forum. Please talk to your health professional if you have any concerns regarding the treatment of your child. It is ok to talk about your own experience or to suggest things that may be worth talking to a medical professional about so long as you do so understanding that each case is unique and not all solutions work for all children and that specific medical advice needs to be left to the medical professionals caring for each child.
  6. If your post is a recommendation to a particular doctor or specialist.
    • It is RISA’s policy that we do not mention the names of health professionals. If you would like to share this type of information please do so by private message. RISA reserves the right to mention health professionals’ names in promoting its activities.

RISA Inc is a support organisation totally funded by volunteer fees and occasionally by paid advertising. As such, we do not allow external advertising on our page by way of posting links to commercial sites that are not endorsed advertisers. Links to sites providing support information that may be of use to other parents and carers are generally welcome.

Please note: RISA Inc abides by Australian Standards with regard to sleep aids. We do not endorse the use of sleep aides for babies unless specifically endorsed in writing by your medical professional. Links to such devices cannot be allowed.

Where links to other sites are posted for the purpose of sharing information, RISA Inc does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content on those sites.

The same goes for our ‘shares’ on Facebook. We enjoy participating in the social media landscape by interacting with other organisations in these ways, but that doesn’t reflect any preference for them on our part.

But please don’t let any of that deter you.

We look forward to reading your posts!