This is RISA’s policy regarding member’s recommendations of medical professionals.

RISA acknowledges that paediatric gastroenterology is a relatively young speciality. While some wonderful advancements have been made, many practicing medical professionals have had limited training and experience in this field. For instance, a gastroenterology rotation is not yet a requirement of paediatric training. So knowledge among medical professionals of paediatric gastroenterological conditions can be patchy. As a consequence, the recommendation of parents of other children with diagnosed conditions can be invaluable.

Where we have received recommendations from parents, we have adopted the following policy:

1. We will only publish a practitioner’s contact details with the permission of the practitioner.
2. We will work toward having a minimum of three practitioners listed in capital cities where available – there will be an interim period where this may not be possible as we establish the list.
3. This list will only apply to Australian practitioners.
4. The list is based on the recommendations of RISA members only.
5. We only accept positive recommendations.
6. Where any disagreement exists regarding recommendations, we will de-list the practitioner until such time as consensus has been reached.
7. Medical professionals are only listed following strong/repeated recommendations from other RISA families. If any particular medical professional is not listed, this is not a reflection of their services/capabilities. Not being listed may simply be a result of specific feedback not having being provided. If RISA members are aware of any health professionals who they believe should be listed please fill in the recommendation form.
8. Parents are advised to make their own inquiries as to the appropriateness of any medical practitioner in the care of their child.
9. RISA does not accept any responsibility for recommendations provided. Parents should always make their own inquiries regarding the care of their child. A good rule of thumb is “trust your gut”.

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