Again, I am not a medical practitioner. This post just documents our journey with a biomedical doctor in order to give others an idea of what might be involved if they pursue this approach with a doctor themselves. 

Initially, the approach was to calm down their systems and provide some basic level of repair while testing was done.

We were given the following supplements to administer:

  • homeopathic drops to help gastric & liver function and to help clear toxins. There were about five bottles and a few drops given morning and night
  • “gut soothing herbs” – these were made up by a herbalist on site in much the same way as a compounding chemist might
  • a vitamin C supplement (this was to improve cell function, help detoxify the bowel, aid in bowel motility and help with immunity)
  • a magnesium-based supplement (for a variety of reasons including bowel function)
  • A colostrum-based supplement for immune support
  • a supplement to support the GI tract
  • an alkalizing supplement to be given in VERY small doses before meals
  • general multivitamin support liquid
  • cod liver oil
  • a probiotic (interestingly she had been on this very same strain of probiotic but the previous supplement contained lactic acid – which her bacterial overgrowth was already producing copious amounts of so switching brands to a non-lactic acid one was imperative).

In addition to this, our naturopath had us on:

After stool, hair, pathology, live blood and gastrointestinal permeability test results were received and we had had some time to restore gut health – only a few months and it had been a bit of a rough journey – she was additionally started on “strep/ gut/ skin” herbs. She has since been put on a combination of “strep / gut / sinus / chest”, “brain calming 1”, “brain calming 2” and “allergy” herbs. And additional combination of non-lactic acid producing pro-biotics have been added as well.

Plus, through the advice of a friend, we also started using this supplement intended to “restore” the intestinal wall, blood-brain barrier and any damage to blood vessels by restoring tight junctions between cells.

So its a HUGE undertaking. And we do it for both girls. So every week I spend quite a bit of time putting together small bottles of all the liquid supplements (herbs, homeopathics, vitamin & restore supplements) and all of the powdered supplements into small containers to be administered twice daily.

For Charlotte, after a few months, we were able to begin weaning her off her zoton. I reduced her very gradually – by 1/6 of her dosage each week. She coped beautifully. She had a small amount of rebound in the beginning. Each time she woke at night or occasionally complained of a sore throat I would give her an additional dose of matrix alkali. This was only required about three times per reduction in medication. She was medication free within about five months.

She is still on all of the supplements listed above. I anticipate that these will begin to be reduced in the coming months.

So was it all worth it?

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