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A biomedical approach to reflux management in children is a relatively new thing in the medical landscape. Biomedical practitioners (qualified doctors with an interest in whole body systems rather than speciality areas and also in nutritional and herbal medicines in addition to pharmaceuticals) have only recently begun to turn their attention to the problem of infant and childhood GORD.

In the case of a couple of RISA members, this has had some success. So we’ve decided to archive their experiences here. Below are links to some YouTube videos on a private RISA members Youtube account for you to access. Email if you have trouble accessing it.

Also below are links to some of the discussions previously had on our private facebook group in regard to this issue.

We hope these resources are of interest and help.

YouTube clips
Introduction to biomed approach – Jo and Elizabeth

Facebook posts
Introduction to biomed approach – Jo and Elizabeth – 1 Dec 2015

Personal Stories and Information
Jo and Charlotte’s Biomed Journey: Part 1
Part 2: The Theory
Part 3: How we did it