Parents of reflux babies call for earlier diagnosis and more support

When you think of reflux, you might imagine a baby who is a little restless, perhaps who vomits sometimes, but for many new parents, reflux means no more than an hour’s sleep at a stretch and a baby who spends much of each day screaming in pain.


Maddy Black, from the New South Wales Mid North Coast, is a mother of two children who have been diagnosed with reflux.

Her youngest is one and is connected to a feeding tube attached to his stomach for most of each day to ensure he receives enough nutrition.

Ms Black said Felix’s early months were a very frightening time and there were episodes when he struggled to breathe due to reflux blocking his airway…..


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Thank you to Emma Siossian for her support with this article, Maddy Black and Joanne Matthews for sharing their stories and Dr. Jonny Tiaz for his support of RISA and call for more education about infant reflux for GPs.