At RISA Inc. all of our volunteers are reflux parents, and this is why we are all so passionate about RISA; with the ultimate aim of helping and advocating for families. We understand that the amount of time available is often very limited. We appreciate any time that you are able to give, and we put no pressure on anyone to do more than they can.

We require volunteers to join RISA Inc. for insurance purposes. Volunteers receive complimentary membership as a thank you for their efforts, and of course are very welcome to use all of our services.

3 Easy Steps to Volunteering:

  1. Fill in the Membership Application Form
  2. Fill in the RISA Inc RISA Inc Confidentiality and Property Agreements
  3. Email RISA Inc with a scanned copy of the signed agreement

There are many different jobs, both big and small that you could do. If you have any specific interest or skills please let us know so we can find the best job for you. Sometimes we just need some help with data entry, for example putting emails into an address book!

Please find current positions available below:

RISA Inc Contact Person (Some training is involved)
  • Telephone or email families who contact RISA for support – listen to them, and provide emotional support and suggest practical management strategies
  • Make follow up calls/email as necessary
  • Refer callers to relevant community services as appropriate
  • If appropriate talk about what other support etc RISA can offer

Advocacy Team
  • Attend meetings on Skype regularly to discuss ideas (you get to be involved from the comfort of home and in your PJs if you want!)
  • Help write letters
  • Help source contacts in government organisations, peak health professional organisations, health educators and companies
  • Liaise with members re stories and services that are needed

Fundraising Officer
  • Apply for grant applications
  • Send donation requests to organisations and businesses
  • Send out sponsorship requests
  • Organise fundraising activities as appropriate
  • Organise to have correspondence and information saved on our online share drive, as required

Message bank Retrieval Officer
  • Retrieve messages off Messagebank
  • Keep a record or details of all calls
  • Upload to online share drive as required or liaise with email secretary
  • Pass on messages to appropriate person (e.g. contact group, President, brochure distribution person)

Publicity Officer
  • Contact appropriate organisations for links to their websites
  • If able, getting articles/information in local papers, parenting magazines, community radio stations
  • Distribute posters or information brochures to child health clinics, shopping centres, playgroups, etc
  • Distribute literature to parents, hospitals, doctors, lactation consultants, child health centres
  • Organise to have correspondence and information saved on our online share drive, as required.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Lauren at