Reflux Reality: A Guide for FamiliesMembership + Book Offer

Until the end of December, RISA is offering membership and Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families by Glenda Blanch for $60.

Best Christmas present for a reflux parent ever! Buy now.

You can also purchase Reflux Reality on its own from RISA for $24.95. Just email or go to the Join Us page for more details.

Free Library Postage

Why not stock up on some holiday reading FOR FREE using your RISA membership?

RISA LibraryWe’ve got a wonderful library with fantastic titles that might interest you – even for a browse to get some further ideas on how to best manage the particular challenges of your little refluxer. We’ve got titles about general parenting, food intolerance and allergy, reflux specific, high-needs crying babies, feeding issues and many more.

Until the end of December the entire process is totally free. (Its always free to borrow but we usually ask that you meet the cost of returning them by post – this month it comes with a reply paid envelope – so get in while the going’s good and you might have a bit of spare time on your hands!).

Remember, if you borrow in December, you’ve still got several weeks of reading time before they’re due back and we’re pretty flexible with returns so long as you email the librarian to let her know how you’re going. ;-)

Happy reading!

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