Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the Christmas edition of RISA Inc News! And what a year it’s been. We’ve got lots to celebrate this year. Read more…

Surviving the Christmas Season with Kids with Food Allergies

Christmas can be difficult with family members and friends suggesting that your child should be able to have a “treat” in the form of a high-risk allergy food. Read on for some suggestions of how to best manage the stress of food allergy this festive season.
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Christmas Recipe corner – Allergy Friendly Foods for the Season

There’s some scrummy, handy recipes below. If you’ve got more, send them in to us at

Christmas Fruit Cake – gluten and dairy free – by Bianca
Raspberry Almond Coconut Cake – by Bianca
ANZAC Rice Chews – by Janine

Christmas specials

Reflux Reality: A Guide for FamiliesWe’re currently offering our book, Reflux Reality + RISA membership for only $60 AND the RISA Library is doing free postage (returns) for the month of December. Read more…


We’re currently fundraising through the Australian business Stuck on You. A small commission will go to RISA from your purchases if you apply the “risa” code when checking out. Read more…

Christmas Baby Photo competition!

Its time everyone! Please send in Christmas pics of your little refluxers to We’re not just after cute photos – we’re looking for comedy value as well ;-).
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Educating Community Nurses in Brisbane

In what was hopefully the start of many more to come, RISA was invited by Browns Plains Child Health Community Centre (in West Brisbane) to give a presentation on paediatric reflux. Read more…

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. Approximately 25% of our members responded so it was a good sample and has given us some food for thought. Read more…

Local groups starting near you!

RISA has recently been in touch with all members offering to put them in touch with other members in their local areas where possible. Quite a few local groups kicked off recently or are just about to. Read more…

Personal stories

We have three new stories for you this month. Each is different and as usual they’re very moving. I think anyone who’s had a similar experience will appreciate reading them. Thanks to Chrissy, Fran and Lisa for the time and courage that went into writing each of them.

Read Chrissy and Evie’s story here.

Read about Chrissy and Evie’s gastroscopy here.

Read Fran, Carmen and Flynn’s story here.

Read Lisa and Lucas’ story here.

We hope you like the new online format of the newsletter. Its a front-runner to a slicker version next year. With luck it will make the bits you want to read more accessible and the bits you’re not sure about, worth a quick flick through. Big thanks to our contributors – Chrissy, Fran, Bianca, Janine and Jess T.

With our very best regards for a healthy, stress-free, happy Christmas.

RISA Exec Team