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Crying Baby, Sleepless Nights: How to Overcome Baby’s Sleep Problems (and Get Some Sleep Yourself); Sandy Jones; 1985
Summary – Information on the meaning of your baby’s cry and how to alleviate your child’s pain and discomfort without giving up your own rest

Helping your baby to sleep: Why gentle techniques work best; Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor; 2007 Highly Recommended
Summary – Excellent book that details important research into babies’ emotional and brain development, and offers gentle sleep technqiues based on baby’s natural sleep habits.

In Search of Sleep: Straight Talk about Babies, Toddlers and Night Waking; Bonny Reichert; 2001
Reviews popular sleep-training techniques and offers strategies for coping with night waking.

Nighttime Parenting: How to get your baby and child to sleep; Dr William Sears; 1999
Summary – Answers questions about 24-hour parenting of babies and toddlers

Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families; Glenda Blanch /RISA Inc; 2010 Highly Recommended
Summary – Covers all aspects of caring for children who have GORD. Written by Glenda Blanch, long-term RISA member, with contributions from RISA members (Australian book)

Sleep (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Major revision 2009

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems: A complete practical guide for parents; Dr Richard Ferber; 1986
Summary – Practical ways of ensuring restful nights for both children and parents

Three in a Bed: Why you should sleep with your baby; Deborah Jackson; 1990.
Summary – Explains the advantages of co-sleeping with your baby

The no-cry sleep solution; Elizabeth Pantley; 2002 Highly Recommended
Summary – Use the Persistent Gentle Removal System to teach baby to fall asleep without breast-feeding, bottle-feeding or using a pacifier


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