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A Guide to What Works for Depression (booklet); Anthony Jorm, Nick Allen, Amy Morgan, Rosemary Purcell; 2009
Summary – This booklet details medical, psychological and lifestyle interventions to treat depression

A Guide to What Works for Anxiety Disorders (booklet); Nicola Reavley, Nick Allen, Anthony Jorm, Amy Morgan, Rosemary Purcell; 2010
Summary – This booklet provides information on the medical, psychological, counselling and lifestyle interventions for treatment of anxiety disorder

Banish Post-Baby Blues: Advice, Support and Encouragement for Preventing and Coping with Postnatal Depression; Anne Marie Sapsted; 1990
Summary – Practical advice and encouragement for sufferers of PND and their partners

Coeliac disease: Food allergy and intolerance (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2004

Colorectal Cancer: Prevention, diagnosis & treatment (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2000

Constipation and Bloating (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2002 and 2006 editions

Diarrhoea in Children (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 1999

Dietary fibre & health (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2002

Diverticular Disease: Diagnosis and management (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2005

Different Kids: Growing up with Attention Deficit Disorder; Sue Dengate; 1994.
Summary – A Mother tries to find answers to help children manage their ADD

Emotional Health During Pregnancy and Early Parenthood for Parents of Multiple Birth Children (booklet); Beyond Blue (multiple births) 2004

Indigestion Heartburn (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2003

Inflammatory bowel disease: Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2004

Introducing Solids (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Feeding Major revision 2009

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Diagnosis and management (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2004

Postnatal Depression: A practical guide for Australian families; Lisa Fettling; 2002
Summary – Outlines the signs and symptoms of PND and what help is available, and includes excerpts from personal stories

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family (11th Edition); John Ashfield Mental; 2010
Summary – Information and self-help guidelines about depression, anxiety and related alcohol and drug problems for both country people and those living in the city

Talking with Children About Things That Matter; Sheila Kitzinger and Celia Kitzinger General; 1990
Summary – Explores the values and standards we communicate to children

The Chemical Connection; Louise Samways; 1989
Summary – Explains how chemical sensitivities can have an effect on social, emotional and intellectual development

The Hidden Handicap: How to help children who suffer from dyslexia, hyperactivity and learning difficulties; Dr Gordon Serfontein; 1993
Summary – Aims to give parents, teachers and doctors a better insight into the developmental difficulties children with ADD encounter

Therapy with NSAIDS, coxibs & aspirin: For inflammatory and other connective tissue disorders (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2005

Understanding Childhood Eczema; Penny Titman; 2003
Summary – Tackles the emotional and medical aspects of having a child with eczema, as well as the impact on the rest of the family


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