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Are You Food Sensitive?; Joan Breakey; 1998
Summary – Covers food sensitivities, family sensitivities, and the diet detective method (used to investigate your food sensitivities)

Cut Out The Crap (For Kids); Collette White; 2012 **NEW addition to library Highly Recommended
Summary – Over 80 tasty recipes that are all gluten, dairy and preservative free

Fed Up: Understanding how food affects your child and what you can do about it; Sue Dengate; 2008
Summary – An analysis of the effects of foods on children’s behaviour, learning ability and health. Includes failsafe recipes

Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour: How food and additives affect behaviour (DVD); Sue Dengate; 2006
Summary – Explains the adverse effects of synthetic additives and natural chemicals in food on children

Friendly Food: The essential guide to avoiding allergies, additives and problem chemicals; Dr Anne R Swain, Dr Velencia L Soutter and Dr Robert H Loblay; 2004
Summary – Australia’s leading allergy experts explain what food chemicals are, how they affect us and how we can avoid them

Fussy Babies; Joan Breakey; 2010 Highly Recommended
Summary – Practical advice on the introduction of solids, eating development and food sensitivity

Jeremy’s Cake (Children’s Book); Bethany Tucker; 2002
Summary – Tells the story of Jeremy the Wallaby who is going to a birthday party by himself for the first time and has to be careful to manage his food allergies

Learning to Bake Allergen-free: Crash Course for Busy Parents on Baking without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts; Colette Martin; 2012
Summary – Written by a mother who had to relearn how to cook with her son being diagnosed with food allergies

Managing Your Child’s Food Allergies; Alison Orman and Dr Preeti Joshi; 2009 Highly Recommended
Summary – Practical advice for parents whose child/ren has food allergies

Milk Allergy and Intolerance in Infants and Children (booklet); The Gut Foundation Health; 2003

Nutritional Management of Regurgitation in Infants (article); Vandenplas, et al., 1998

One Bowl Allergy Free Baking; Linda Bosnic; 2010
Summary – 100 quick and easy baking recipes that are egg, dairy and nut-free, including many with gluten-free options

Parties Make Me Sick (Children’s Book); Rae Paterson & Judy McKechnie; 1983
Summary – Children’s book about children who have food allergies

RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook RPAH Allergy Unit; 2009
Summary – Discusses food allergies and intolerances, and includes a shopping guide, meal plan and recipes for the RPAH’s elimination diet

The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance; Dr Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin; 1989 and 1998
Summary – Examines the health problems that can be caused by common foods

The Failsafe Cookbook: Reducing Food Chemicals For Calm, Happy Families; Sue Dengate; 2007
Summary – Recipes containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no/low salicylates, amines and glutamates

The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook; Leslie Hammond and Lynne Marie Rominger; 2004
Summary – More than 150 recipes for kids who suffer from food allergies, including substitution and variation tips

The Parents Guide to Food Allergies; Marianne Barber, With Maryanne Bartoszek Scott, With Elinor Greenberg; 2001
Summary – It addresses in detail the practical, physical, and emotional issues kids and their families face

The Simplified Elimination Diet booklet and Salicylates, Amines & Glutamates (booklet); Anne Swain, Robert Loblay and Velencia Soutter Diet; 1997

What’s Eating Your Child?; Kelly Dorfman; 2011
Highly Recommended
Summary – Reveals the hidden connection between nutrition and chronic childhood ailments

Why Am I Different? My First Allergy Book (Children’s Book); Naomi Antenucci; 2008
Summary – Explains food allergies in clear and simple language (written for babies to preschoolers)

Yum!: Top Tips For Feeding Babies and Kids with Allergies; Barbara Dennison, Fiona Wedding & Preeti Joshi; 2013 **NEW addition to library
Summary – Containing basic advice for anyone trying to manage an allergy, including: the medical facts about allergies and anaphaylaxis; practical tips for caring for a child with an allergy (for every age and stage, from babies to teens); how to shop for a child with an allergy; 100 easy-to-follow recipes

4 Ingredients (Allergies); Kim McCosker; 2013 **NEW addition to library
Summary – A collection of recipes free of these 9 common allergens and was written to satisfy an ever-increasing market demand for allergy-free recipes

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