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100 Ways to Calm the Crying; Pinky McKay; 2002
Summary – addresses the reasons babies cry and offers gentle strategies

Calming Your Fussy Baby: The Brazelton Way; T. Berry Brazelton and Joshua D Sparrow; 2003
Summary – Covers how to interpret different cries and respond in the most appropriate and effective way

Crying Babies & Beyond the ins and outs & ups and downs; Dr Renee Shilkin; 2010
Summary – Book gives information in relation to reflux, language development, Eustachian tube irritation as a cause of excessive crying, sleeping and feeding problems

Crying Baby: How to cope!; Pat Gray; 1988
Summary – Contains stories of how other parents coped with their crying infants, and covers why some babies cry excessively and what can be done to help them

Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families; Glenda Blanch /RISA Inc; 2010 Highly Recommended
Summary – Covers all aspects of caring for children who have GORD. Written by Glenda Blanch, long-term RISA member, with contributions from RISA members (Australian book)

The Fussy Baby: How to bring out the best in your high need child; Dr William Sears; 1987
Summary – Covers how to cope with a high need baby so that both you and your baby benefit

The Happiest Baby on the Block; Harvey Karp; 2003
Summary – Discusses ways to calm your crying baby

When Your Baby Cries: 10 rules for soothing fretful babies and their parents; Deborah Jackson; 2004
Summary – Ten ways to care for even the most distressed baby, while looking after your own needs as well as boosting your confidence

Why Is My Baby Crying? (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Major revision 2005

Your Fussy Baby; Marc Weissbluth; 2003
Summary – Advice on helping fussy, sensitive babies to become happier


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