Top 20 Things Not to Say to a Reflux Parent

All babies cry you know. All babies vomit you know. Is this your first? He’s feeding off your stress. But she seems so happy. Oh my baby used to vomit all the time too! But he’s a healthy weight? Don’t worry! They grow out of it. You need to stop breastfeeding / have...

Coping with advice

Dealing with reflux can be very stressful, and many people think that they are being helpful by offering advice. Even though their suggestions may be helpful, the constant advice, and inferred criticism of your parenting, can make your journey all the more stressful. In addition to that, the advice may conflict with your beliefs or the advice you have already been given e.g. someone will tell you that you should not nurse a baby to sleep as it ‘will create a rod for your back’, while someone else will tell you that you should. As a result, it can leave you feeling very confused, inadequate, frustrated and resentful.

The impact of Reflux on families

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is so common it can be seen as ‘normal’, or even trivial, and people often do not understand how difficult life can be for many families, or understand the impact reflux can have on their lives! They may think of it erroneously as ‘just a bit of vomiting’, or ‘just a behavioural issue’. They don’t see that it can impact on the child and family in many ways. Not only can reflux affect a child’s eating, sleeping, growth, behaviour or quality of life, it can also affect relationships between partners and other children, the family’s quality of life, their finances and even their leisure time. The truth is, only families who have experienced it firsthand really understand.