Executive Committee as of 2019 Annual General Meeting

Following the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 28th July, the 2019 RISA Executive Committee is confirmed: President – Hayley Sandford Vice-president – Carla Cram Secretary –  Bronwyn Peters Treasurer – Danielle Fisher   Management Committee: Crystal West,...

Interim Draft Child Protection Reporting Procedure

1. Overview of the Procedure This procedure provides guidance on reporting, recordkeeping and exchanging information relating to concerns about the safety, welfare and wellbeing of a child or young person. All staff, students, volunteers and Board members should be...

RISA Forum Survey

Recently, RISA’s admin group have been trialling a private facebook group to see how it would work if RISA were to provide this service to members in addition or as a replacement to our current forums. We would be extremely grateful if you would spend only a couple of minutes filling in the attached survey (10 questions, mostly yes/ no). We’re seeking input from members and non-members, here:

RISA Inc Management and Volunteer Positions

All Management Committee positions are declared vacant at the AGM. Please consider volunteering. If you are unable to attend the AGM but are still interested, please contact info@reflux.org.au for further information on nominating or expressing an interest in volunteering with RISA.

RISA’s Administrative Email Group

Input into day to day decision making is often sought from the Administrative Email Group which is a loose collection of volunteers who provide wider opinion than is possible through the smaller executive group on various questions of policy and help with the day to...