Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback on the book. Here’s some first hand parent testimonials about how its helped:

The book has been a life saver. I’m a neonatal nurse with over 10 years experience and still had no real concept of reflux until I read you’re book. Knowledge is so empowering. We’re managing a lot better. I started reading the book right after M had what I now know is a flare up, and couldn’t put it down. I still keep it beside my bed so I can read parts again! Only wish it didn’t take me 12 months to work it all out.” A, February 2014

“It actually eventually led us to a diagnosis with our boy – laryngomalacia. It’s only mentioned briefly. It was enough for me to research on my own from that. My wife and I finally had an answer… We just had to convince the medical staff which only took a few months…
He’s had surgery and can feed like normal now, and the associated reflux is also gone… So without your book we probably would have a tube dependent, feed aversive boy with an undiagnosed laryngomalacia. Truly, it’s been worth its weight in gold for giving us a head start on our research.” DKB, January 2014