Conference Report – October 2012

The presenters were two of our members, Dr Naomi Farragher and Jessica Tovey, and they spoke for over an hour on GORD and associated conditions, including the personal impact on families. The presentation was very well received, with excellent feedback. Staff found lots of the information new to them, and many approached the presenters after and discussed how they would use the information to inform and change their practice with families. A few attendees also purchased copies of “Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families” by Glenda Blanch, so that they could read further on the topic.

Chrissy and Evie’s Story

My daughter, Evie is 3 and a half years old. This is her (medical) story. Evie was born in June 2009. Right from the beginning it was a rocky start. My milk failed to come in adequately and she failed to gain weight. We had to give her formula or we would be staying in hospital. I battled on trying everything to increase supply and meanwhile, supplementing so that she gained weight. At about 5 weeks, she became VERY unhappy. She cried for almost every waking moment for 3 days. The only thing that stopped her crying that weekend was me breastfeeding her (although I think she was using me more as a dummy) and walking her around outside, talking to her and holding her very upright.

Fran, Carmen and Flynn’s Story

My name is Fran, and I have two children, Carmen and Flynn.

My pregnancy with Carmen was a fun one. I followed all the ‘rules’ regarding eating, chemicals and the works. I had to give up work fairly early into my pregnancy as I had incredibly bad exhaustion, fluid retention and all-day sickness. Pretty good start to that beautiful glowing pregnancy that all those books rave about. I have a bicronate uterus and she turned breech at 32 weeks: one foot under her chin and one in my pelvis, apparently a less than two percent chance of this happening!

Lucas and Lisa’s story

My journey to become a mum was a long one. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over 3 years and eventually had to embark on the emotional and expensive journey of fertility treatment. After four attempts at Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) (resulting in one pregnancy, which miscarried early) we were advised to try IVF. We had high hopes of IVF working as we had fallen pregnant on our third IUI, and the fact that I got pregnant was a good sign. On the day of egg pick up 21 eggs were retrieved, only 18 were mature.

RISA Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. Approximately 25% of our members responded so it was a good sample and has given us some food for thought.

Overwhelmingly the response to all our key services was positive with some useful feedback to point us toward improvements.

Local Groups

RISA has recently been in contact with all of its members, offering to put them in touch with other members in their local area (“local” can be a bit of a stretch in some parts of the country). These are intended to be short catch up groups at someone’s home, local cafe or playground to meet other parents who are going through, or have been through, the same thing. Lots of our parents say they find it hard to attend “normal” parents groups; either because their kids are just to sick or because they feel judged or misunderstood by parents who’ve not experienced a reflux baby or child.

Recipe – ANZAC Rice Chews

These biscuits are pretty easy to make and store well in the fridge.

I always make them milk, wheat and gluten free and they work well.