Top 20 Things Not to Say to a Reflux Parent

All babies cry you know. All babies vomit you know. Is this your first? He’s feeding off your stress. But she seems so happy. Oh my baby used to vomit all the time too! But he’s a healthy weight? Don’t worry! They grow out of it. You need to stop breastfeeding / have...

RISA Forum Survey

Recently, RISA’s admin group have been trialling a private facebook group to see how it would work if RISA were to provide this service to members in addition or as a replacement to our current forums. We would be extremely grateful if you would spend only a couple of minutes filling in the attached survey (10 questions, mostly yes/ no). We’re seeking input from members and non-members, here:

The Need for Education

There are good reasons to be better educated about paediatric GORD.

Paediatric gastroenterology is a relatively young speciality. What is being learned about the causes of GI issues in children, like many areas of human learning, is moving faster than ever before. The pace of knowledge acquisition is astounding. An understanding of and solutions for issues that have plagued families for centuries are now very close to our fingertips. More of what these wonderful specialists know needs to be heard by the general health care profession.

President’s Opening Address to the 2013 RISA Conference

Welcome to the Reflux Infants Support Association’s inaugural conference. “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease” is quite a mouthful so please excuse the “reflux” abbreviation.

I’m Joanne Matthews, and I’m proud to be the National President of this wonderful organisation. We started in 1982 as the less than glamorous “Vomiting Infants Support Association” but the mission’s pretty much remained the same – to help parents deal with the hell-on-earth caused by a child born with severe gastro-intestinal issues. We’ve always been exclusively run by volunteers and almost entirely funded by memberships. And now we’re branching out a bit by trying to help the experts bring their knowledge and wisdom to you – the front line in care of infants and children. I cannot thank you enough for your attendance. We really believe it will make a difference to the lives of thousands of families.

Conference presentations – 2013

If you weren’t able to make it to the 2013 conference but would like to see the presentations, they are available for access via a private youtube channel for a nominal fee! The quality of information is extraordinary. The information is provided at a nominal cost to cover the cost of filming on the day.

Rebecca and Olivia’s Story

It has taken me a long time to write my story down on paper, mostly because every time I think too much about it I cry. I don’t know exactly why. I do know I still feel ashamed that I didn’t realise sooner that my baby was in so much pain. I feel angry at myself for listening to doctors instead of listening to my heart. I feel guilty for letting my poor little baby cry so much and for so long because I let people convince me she was just determined or naughty or trying to control me.