At RISA Inc. all of our volunteers are reflux parents, and this is why we are all so passionate about RISA; with the ultimate aim of helping and advocating for families. We understand that the amount of time available is often very limited. We appreciate any time that...

The Library

Library titles available to members on reflux, breastfeeding, feeding and diet, crying, high needs babies, eosinophilic oesophagitis, food allergy and intolerance, general parenting, health & sleep issues.

Weird tricks for feed refusers

For some reason there seems to be a tendency toward salty foods for some reflux kids. Salty foods also have the added bonus of making them thirstier for liquids (preferably with some calories in them). This could be because of an electrolyte imbalance because of a loss of bile, but for some reason, some of the following salty foods seem to work when others don’t:

Reflux and behaviour

There’s no doubt that reflux has a huge impact on the behaviour of children. I think its fair to say that here at RISA Inc we generally believe that in reflux kids, consistently bad behaviour that doesn’t respond to the usual distraction or discipline is...

Introducing straws

1. Play with a big basin of water and cut down McDonalds straws (something about them being thicker and wider). You practise blowing bubbles with your child – because basically they try to blow bubbles and most tend to suck instead. They get a bit of a shock but work it out. Unless they refuse. ;-)