Office Bearer Positions


  • Management committee member role
  • Oversees the carrying out of all legal responsibilities; send forms to government departments (OFT, ASIC) following the AGM and other times if necessary
  • Head contact person for the group (can be delegated where necessary)
  • RISA Spokesperson (can be delegated where necessary)
  • Oversee co-ordination of management/admin team
  • Approve newsletter prior to it being sent out
  • Bank signatory (e.g. help sign cheques if necessary)
  • Write report for AGM


  • Deals with all correspondence in and out and the filing thereof
  • Keep copies of all correspondence and other documents in the files and in
  • Organises and attends management and general meetings and provides appropriate notice
  • Write agendas for the meetings
  • Take and keep minutes of all meetings
  • Keep and maintain the membership list (where possible, RISA Inc has a membership secretary for this)
  • Take nominations for the management committee


  • Management committee member role
  • Banking and book-keeping
  • Pay bills/invoices/expenses e.g. write cheques and organise direct bank deposits
  • Write receipts (if position of Assistant Treasurer has not been filled)
  • Compile monthly treasurer’s reports prior to each management meeting
  • Compile financial statements prior to AGM
  • Arrange books for auditing/verifying
  • Write report for AGM
  • Liaise with Assistant Treasurer regarding any duties that can be performed

Management Committee Members

  • Attend meetings (held at least every 2 months)
  • Assist the running of the organisation
  • Ensure all legal responsibilities are fulfilled i.e. constitution is followed

The following positions would ideally be held by members of the management committee but it is not a necessity:

Membership Secretary

  • Ensure the membership database is always accurate and up to date i.e. add new and renewing members’ details to the database; update details as required
  • Provide a list of names and dates of new and renewing members, any members who have resigned or due to lapse, and any unpaid applicants to the secretary prior to each management meeting
  • If required, send renewal letters and membership lapsed letters out to members
  • Send an updated mailing list to the newsletter editor as required
  • Save the membership database onto RISA Inc’s online account regularly

Newsletter Editor (requires website training – not onerous)

  • Write and prepare newsletter (sent 4 times a year).
  • Research and source articles for inclusion in the newsletter. Seek permission as appropriate
  • Ask members for stories, photos, ideas for articles etc.
  • Liaise with Newsletter Assistants to assist with producing the newsletter
  • Liaise with Advertising Officer regarding current advertisers and advertisements, and include advertisements as required
  • Write editor’s letter for each newsletter (optional)
  • Keep mailing list up-to-date (i.e. advertisers, medical health professionals)
  • Submit to president for final approval
  • Email the newsletter to members and those on the mailing list where possible
  • Liaise with person who is printing and posting hard copies by post
  • Save each issue of the newsletter to (or organise this)

Volunteer Co-ordinator

  • Maintain list of RISA Inc’s volunteers to be kept on or Dropbox
  • Maintain contact with those volunteers or team co-ordinators
  • Provide appropriate information to new volunteers and ensure appropriate documentation is signed
  • Maintain list of signed volunteer agreements
  • Organise any online chats between volunteers if required (liaise with team coordinators)
  • Keep RISA Inc Contacts and volunteers informed and up to date with any changes in RISA policy, medical changes, or to provide general information
  • Liaise with management committee if there are any issues or concerns

Contact call and Email Co-ordinator/s

  • Notify RISA Inc Contacts of calls or emails that need to be completed, and delegate as required
  • Maintain phone diversion roster as required and divert phone (phone contacts must have a voicemail facility and provide an ability to receive a message identifying them as a RISA volunteer)
  • Ensure emails/calls are completed
  • Maintain current phone and email contact lists
  • Maintain contact with all RISA Inc Contacts
  • Allow and encourage RISA Inc Contacts to debrief/talk over any concerns following a contact call/email

Advocacy Committee Co-ordinator /Chair

  • Co-ordinate and chair meetings
  • Liaise with Executive team regarding work of the Advocacy committee and seed Executive permission where necessary ie if expenditure of RISA funds is sort or matters which may impact on the reputation of RISA Inc are considered.
  • Report back to Advocacy team on the work and feedback of the Exec committee

Website Manager

  • Make changes to website as necessary
  • Maintain website
  • Liaise with IT Manager
  • Support and liaise with website moderators
  • Maintain and update website membership list as required
  • Follow up non-payment on site
  • Liaise with members who have website problems
  • Deal with general day to day issues

Local Groups Co-ordinator

  • Checks email address for interest and correspondence in local groups
  • Liaises with Membership Secretary to add new members to local area groups and makes contact if there is a local group running in their area
  • Maintains list of local group co-ordinators and maintains contact to encourage meetings and get reports of how they’re going and any issues developing
  • Puts notices on RISA forums to encourage membership or participation in groups in certain locations
  • Reminds local group co-ordinators to put meetings on forums / facebook.
  • Liaises with Facebook Co-ordinators to encourage membership or participate in certain locations
  • Keeps Exec up to date with number of active groups and their activities (very short note to the secretary once every couple of months).

RISA Administration Team

Email Secretary

  • Respond to emails as necessary
  • Forward any emails on to appropriate person
  • Send membership e-packages upon confirmation of membership payment
  • Maintain and keep records of all correspondence and upload to as required (or liaise with email/correspondence backup person if position filled)

Assistant Treasurer

  • Liaise with Treasurer regarding any duties that can be performed e.g. send receipts
  • Assist with electronic bank deposits where required

Brochure / Poster Distribution Officer

  • Brochures, posters, special edition newsletters
  • Store information brochures, posters, newsletters etc safely
  • Distribute to parents, health professionals etc as requested

Newsletter Assistant/s (also may require website training)

  • Liaise with Newsletter Editor to assist with producing the newsletter e.g. sourcing articles and permission, proofreading, helping with design and direction

Newsletter Printing / Poster Officer

  • Print and prepare the required number of newsletters (liaise with newsletter editor)
  • Post hard copy of newsletter – to members, mailing list and library, as required

Publications Officer

  • Information brochures/booklets, special edition newsletters, articles, etc
  • Write research and update articles/literature as required
  • Liaise with medical advisory panel for approval

Mail Redirection Officer

  • This involves having RISA mail sent to your home, and actioning incoming mail as appropriate.
  • Keep records of mail received and sent in a register
  • Redirect mail to appropriate people e.g. president, treasurer as required
  • Provide a record of all incoming mail and where it was redirected to the secretary prior to each management meeting
  • Upload list to RISA Inc’s online account as required or liaise with email Secretary


  • Maintain and store library books
  • Mail books to members as requested
  • Maintain book lists and loaned book lists
  • Make submissions for additional books to management committee if desired
  • Submit book reviews to the newsletter editor or on the forums (optional)

Facebook Co-ordinators

  • Post interesting reflux or reflux-related parenting issues on Facebook for discussion; promote RISA Inc and its services, including Reflux Reality
  • Ensure all posters are responded to
  • Ensure the Facebook pages remain friendly and supportive, and that no negative or inflammatory posts are sent; offer support as necessary
  • Place notices of chats on Facebook as required

Forum and Facebook Support

  • Check the forums and Facebook most days
  • Welcome new RISA members
  • Respond to posts
  • Send private messages to new members to encourage them to join in conversations
  • Send private message to new members to check how they are doing

Messagebank Retrieval Officer(s) (this position is subject to a call diversion trial to begin in the near future)

  • Retrieve messages off Messagebank
  • Keep a record or details of all calls
  • Upload to as required or liaise with Email Secretary
  • Pass on messages to appropriate person (e.g. contact group, president, brochure distribution person)

Email / Correspondence Back up Officer

  • Save all incoming and outgoing emails and correspondence into specific folders in RISA Inc’s online storage account
  • Liaise with email secretary as required

RISA Website Team

Website Manager (as above)

IT Administrator

  • Completes any upgrades needed
  • Fix and maintain any technical website issues
  • Back up/synchronise website once a week if necessary
  • Liaise with web hosts as necessary

Website Forum Moderators

  • Ensure members are responded to
  • Moderate posts to ensure the site remains friendly and supportive; no negative or inflammatory posts are sent
  • Be a contact point for any member who needs help with the forums
  • Offer support as necessary & liaise with Website Administrator as required

RISA Contact Team

Contact Call and Email Co-ordinators (as above)

Contact Training Officer/s

  • Train all new phone and email contacts
  • Send potential contacts a copy of our training manuals, allow them time to read through the manual and then organise a time to email/phone to go over any questions they may have; alternatively a group Skype session may be organised for the same purpose
  • Maintain contact with all RISA Inc Contacts
  • Allow and encourage RISA Inc Contacts to debrief/talk over any concerns following a contact call/email RISA Inc

Contact Person (Some training is involved – training manuals are available here)

  • Telephone or email families who contact RISA for support – listen to them, and provide emotional support and suggest practical management strategies
  • Make follow up calls/email as necessary
  • Refer callers to relevant community services as appropriate
  • If appropriate talk about what other support etc RISA can offer

RISA Advocacy Team

Advocacy Committee Co-ordinator (Chair) (as above)

Advocacy Committee Secretary
  • Maintain minutes, agenda and to do list for the advocacy committee

Advocacy Members

  • Attend meetings regularly to discuss ideas
  • Help write letters
  • Help source contacts in government organisations, peak health professional organisations, health educators and companies
  • Liaise with members re stories and services that are needed

Fundraising Officer

  • Attend advocacy committee meetings
  • Apply for grant applications
  • Send donation requests to organisations and businesses
  • Send out sponsorship requests
  • Organise fundraising activities as appropriate
  • Organise to have correspondence and information saved on, as required

Sponsorship Liaison Officer

  • Attend advocacy committee meetings
  • Liaise with sponsors as necessary
  • If able, look into further sponsorships

Publicity Officer

  • Attend advocacy committee meetings
  • Contact appropriate organisations for links to their websites
  • If able, getting articles/information in local papers, parenting magazines, community radio stations
  • Distribute posters or information brochures to child health clinics, shopping centres, playgroups, etc
  • Distribute literature to parents, hospitals, doctors, lactation consultants, child health centres
  • Organise to have correspondence and information saved on, as required

Advertising Officer

  • Attend advocacy committee meetings
  • Maintain current list of advertisers
  • Maintain emailed versions of advertiser’s advertisements for the newsletter and website
  • Liaise with Newsletter Editor and Website/IT Manager to confirm advertisements
  • Liaise with Treasurer over invoices to be sent to existing advertisers, and confirm payments
  • Send advertising requests to organisations and businesses
  • Send a report to the management committee before each meeting, as required

Administrative Email Group

This is an informal group of the executive, volunteers and other long term RISA members. It generally kicks around the day to day management issues of the organisation and is a good starting point for getting involved and seeing what other RISA volunteers are up to. If you are interested in this group and are unable to attend the AGM please email expressing your interest. We are always more than happy to have new members on board.

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