1. All babies cry you know.
  2. All babies vomit you know.
  3. Is this your first?
  4. He’s feeding off your stress.
  5. But she seems so happy.
  6. Oh my baby used to vomit all the time too!
  7. But he’s a healthy weight?
  8. Don’t worry! They grow out of it.
  9. You need to stop breastfeeding / have you tried formula?
  10. He’s just got colic.
  11. She’ll eat if she’s hungry.
  12. He doesn’t vomit so it can’t be reflux.
  13. Sleep when baby sleeps (not helpful when baby doesn’t sleep).
  14. Don’t let your child rule your life – they need to fit into your schedule.
  15. Send him to me. I’ll sort him out.
  16. Stop spoiling her.
  17. You’re over-reacting. Just relax.
  18. He just needs more cuddles.
  19. She doesn’t look sick.
  20. Screaming is good for their lungs.

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