1. I believe you.

2. It’s not your fault.

3. You are doing a great job – parenting a reflux baby is hard work.

4. You can’t spoil a reflux baby.

5. This is not normal infant behaviour.

6. You are not a paranoid mother: what you are feeling is normal in the circumstances.

7. With the right support you will get through this.

8. Let’s put together a plan to help your baby and you get through this.

9. It is not ok for a baby to be in pain, even if they may grow out of it in due course.

10. The rules don’t apply to reflux children so do what you need to do to survive; eating, sleeping and settling can be taught or modified after the pain is managed.

11. A referral to RISA for support; or

12. I don’t know but I can give you a referral to someone who does.

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