Baby wearing and infant GORD

Baby wearing can help

Managing babies with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease can be extremely challenging, not least because these babies want to be carried and comforted because they are in pain. Babywearing is just one tactic in helping to manage both the baby, your own household and any other kids you might have running around. And it provides another option to help you get out of the house.

We’re not babywearing experts (though we’ve got a few mums who’ve had such success with it that they probably could be called experts now) but we know that it really does help managing a refluxer. And there’s a whole host of other reasons that babywearing is developmentally good for bubs and good for mum’s sanity too.

Contented baby + two arms free = far more efficient mummy.

Here we provide some links to websites that may help you track down the right baby-carrier for you. There are heaps of products available and some of the most effective are the most simple. And there are plenty of wrapping techniques that work better depending on the kind of baby you’re managing. So if you can, its really worth looking in to.

As a starter, there are some great safety tips here on Kanga Collective’s site. And some things to be careful of on the Hip Dysplasia site too. Both worth a look before you start.

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Testimonials about reflux and babywearing

Laura, Florida, USA
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Sarah’s story (Warning: this one is gut wrenching. It reminds us to trust our instincts and remember unrelenting crying isn’t always reflux)

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