Are you a ridiculously busy reflux mum who believes in RISA but doesn’t have much time on your hands?

You can still help.

Here’s how:

  • Forward our newsletter or link to our website to people who might have a new baby. Remember about 10% of bubs are likely to be suffering from reflux. It’s not that uncommon.
  • Tell a midwife or a nurse.
  • Do you have any health professionals in your circle of friends and family? Tell them about your experiences & RISA. Forward them our newsletter or a link to our website.
  • Like us on Facebook. It takes a second.
  • If you’ve got a minute or two, join in the conversation on Facebook – it’s an open forum where people can seek a bit of help or general advice.
  • Suggest our facebook page to a friend who you think might need it. Might be a less confronting way of helping them?
  • If they need more you can always direct them to the website or encourage them to consider joining RISA.
  • Ask a local business to carry our poster or brochures – your doctor, local health clinic, pharmacist, baby store, paediatrician or paediatric gastroenterologist’s office.
  • Join in the chat on our forums – you’ll be surprised how much you’ve already picked up along the way and sometimes just sharing a small experience can really help someone else.