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Things we’re doing to raise the profile of paediatric reflux disease in Australia.

Conference Report – October 2012

Conference Report – October 2012

The presenters were two of our members, Dr Naomi Farragher and Jessica Tovey, and they spoke for over an hour on GORD and associated conditions, including the personal impact on families. The presentation was very well received, with excellent feedback. Staff found lots of the information new to them, and many approached the presenters after and discussed how they would use the information to inform and change their practice with families. A few attendees also purchased copies of “Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families” by Glenda Blanch, so that they could read further on the topic.

Advocacy in Western Australia

Advocacy in Western Australia

As you may be aware, we've been in contact with governments around the country to assess the level of awareness of the issues associated with managing paediatric gastro-oesophageal reflux around the country. In Western Australia, the circumstances are pretty bad....

Neocate, Elecare and the PBS

As of 1 July 2012, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (who administer the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or PBS), have made changes to the way amino acid-based forumlae like Neocate or Elecare can be prescribed for children under 24 months. Theoretically, now only paediatric gastroenterologists, a specialist allergist or clinical immunologist can now write these prescriptions.

HOWEVER, paediatricians and General Practitioners can still prescribe these formulae “in consultation with” any of the specialists above.

Advocacy – making things better for our kids

So if you’re a reflux parent you know how few people understand what you’re going through. And that includes medical professionals – not just your relatives and friends. That’s why RISA exists, right?

While the prevalence of GORD in the general infant population runs somewhere between ten and 20 percent(1), the incidence among premature infants is significantly higher ‐ recent studies suggest around 90%!(2) Perhaps unsurprisingly, the incidence among the general infant population is not dissimilar to the incidence among the general adult population.

Spread the word and help a reflux mum

Spread the word and help a reflux mum

Are you a ridiculously busy reflux mum who believes in RISA but doesn’t have much time on your hands? You can still help. Here’s how: Forward our newsletter or link to our website to people who might have a new baby. Remember about 10% of bubs are likely to be suffering from reflux. It’s not that uncommon. Tell a midwife or a nurse. Do you have any health professionals in your circle of friends and family? Tell them about your experiences & RISA. Forward them our newsletter or a link to our website. Like us on Facebook. It takes a second.



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