Child Health In-Service Presentation – Brisbane – October 2012

The presenters were two of our members, Dr Naomi Farragher and Jessica Tovey, and they spoke for over an hour on GORD and associated conditions, including the personal impact on families. The presentation was very well received, with excellent feedback. Staff found lots of the information new to them, and many approached the presenters after and discussed how they would use the information to inform and change their practice with families. A few attendees also purchased copies of “Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families” by Glenda Blanch, so that they could read further on the topic.

The presenters left centre staff with some RISA collateral and literature (light tea-room reading!) so that staff could easily refer families to RISA where needed.

RISA also attended the National Association of Childbirth Educators Conference at Sydney’s Luna Park in October with the assistance of Kimberly Clark. Again RISA’s information was well received with many midwives keen to know more about RISA and be able to refer their clients to us where necessary.

It’s wonderful to see our dedicated team of volunteers progressing our advocacy and awareness activities into both the general and medical communities this year, in many ways, with much more to come in 2013!

RISA presentation for child health

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