Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. Approximately 25% of our members responded so it was a good sample and has given us some food for thought.

Overwhelmingly the response to all our key services was positive with some useful feedback to point us toward improvements.

Website – around 70% found the website very or extremely useful with no negative responses. Around 17% of respondents had not used it. We also received some handy comments around organisation of information that we’ll be looking into.

Forums – overwhelmingly positive response with over 60% finding the forums very or extremely useful. Interestingly, nearly 20% hadn’t used them at all. Some comments indicated they would like to see more people on the forums and we’d have to agree! And we received some other constructive advice about the structure that we’ll be looking into as well.

Newsletters – over 60% found these very or extremely useful which was pleasing. However over 20% haven’t used them with the main reasons being that it was either too long or that it hadn’t been received. If you are a RISA member and haven’t been receiving the quarterly newsletter (and someone is kind enough to forward this to you) please email us to check your contact details. Hopefully this new format will help address concerns about length of the newsletter.

Facebook – Just under 50% of people found the Facebook page very or extremely useful with 35% never having accessed it. Only one respondent really didn’t like it, with others preferring it to the website because of easier access from their iPhone. Others wanted us to bring back the wall to be able to ask questions. For the moment, if you have any questions you’d like to ask the RISA team, please email

Contact Email and Phone Service – around 40% of people found this very or extremely useful with 50% having never used it. Comments were interesting with many members who’d never accessed the service just very happy to know it existed. Most who’d used it were very happy with it.

Library Service – around 30% found this moderately to extremely useful with around 70% having never accessed the service. Cost of return postage seems to be an issue here so we’re trialling free return postage until the end of December. See our Christmas Specials.

Welcome Pack Literature – around 40% found these very or extremely useful with a worrying 20% not recalling receiving it. If you would like to receive this useful information pack again (it comes via email), please let us know at

Overall, respondents were keen to see our advocacy work continue and awareness among the medical and allied health professions dramatically raised. We totally agree! There was much interest in our recently re-established local groups and some other interesting suggestions regarding information that could be provided to members. The RISA Executive Team looks forward to considering those over coming months.

Thank you all so very much for your feedback. It is good to know that much of our effort is well targeted and where we can improve our services to better meet your needs, and the needs of those parents and babies who are yet to come.

With many thanks

RISA Executive Team

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