The meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Executive meeting – first Tuesday of the month, 8pm EST (during daylight savings we usually operate on the equivalent of 7.30pm NSW / 8.30pm Qld time)
  • Advocacy sub-committee meeting – third Tuesday of every second month, 8pm EST (or as above for daylight savings)
  • Conference sub-committee meeting – third Tuesday of every second month (alternating with Advocacy Sub-Committee), 8pm EST

We aim to finish all meetings within 90 minutes and fully expect participants to be interrupted by children, husbands, dogs and whatever else during meetings. All meetings are conducted using Skype chat. All decisions are made by consensus. Additionally, input is often sought from the Administrative Email Group which is a loose collection of volunteers who provide wider opinion on various questions of policy and help with the day to day running of RISA.

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