S1 B. Standards Rights and Responsibilities – RISA Policies and Procedures

Service Standards

RISA Inc will provide assistance to families of infants and children who suffer from gastro-oesophageal reflux (reflux, GOR) and its complications in order to provide them with moral and emotional support and encouragement.

Code of conduct

We act honestly and with integrity

People judge RISA Inc on volunteer’s actions. Acting with honesty and integrity will maintain the respect and confidence that we deserve in the community.

We demonstrate honesty and integrity when:

  • We treat all people with courtesy and sensitivity to their rights, duties and aspirations.
  • We conduct ourselves in an unprejudiced, objective and efficient manner, considering matters on their merits without regard to outside influences or personal interests.
  • We do not take improper advantage of our positions in order to obtain a benefit for others or ourselves.
  • We do not tolerate dishonest behaviour by our colleagues or others.
  • We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, unlawful discrimination or other inappropriate behaviours.

We value and maintain our professionalism

Professionalism is conduct that fosters and preserves our reputation as individuals, builds the reputation of the organisation and supports our duty of care. Professional and ethical conduct by volunteers is integral to the organisation. If we compromise this principle, we will lose the respect and confidence of our colleagues and clients.

Our professionalism is demonstrated when:

  • We exercise care, responsibility and sound judgement when carrying out our duties.
  • We maintain and strive to improve the skills, knowledge and competencies that are required for us to be efficient in our duties.
  • We always maintain a professional relationship with our clients.
  • We work together as a team and treat each other with respect and dignity, striving for a safe, harmonious and efficient workplace.
  • We provide clients and others with evidence based advice and factual explanations that we are competent and authorised to provide.
  • We do not carry out our duties if we are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug that inhibits performance.

We know and respect the law and act accordingly

Compliance with all the laws and statutes that govern us is an essential part of our operations. Violations of laws and regulations can have serious consequences for the organisation and the individual concerned.

This commitment is seen when:

  • We respect and abide by all laws, regulations, policies, standards and documents that direct our operations.
  • We comply with all lawful and reasonable directions from authorised persons.
  • We work to assist members of the public to understand their entitlements and requirements according to the laws within which we operate.
  • We do not unlawfully coerce or harass a member of the public or another employee.
  • We discharge our duties lawfully and in doing so our signature indicates understanding and proper authorisation for associated actions.
  • We only act within our authority.

We avoid conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs where a volunteer has a personal or professional interest sufficient to influence, or appear to influence, the objective performance of their duties. A real or apparent conflict of interest can jeopardise confidence in the organisation. Therefore, we do not participate in activities that could put us in such a position.

Conflicts of interest will be avoided when:

  • We do not put ourselves in a position where it could appear that our private interests or activities, including personal relationships, sporting, social or cultural activities, are in conflict with our position in RISA Inc.
  • We separate our political views and activities from the performance of our official duties.
  • We inform our management committee as soon as we become aware of possible conflicts of interest including the financial or personal interests of ourselves or those we know.
  • We declare any conflicts of interest that could occur.
  • We do not solicit, accept or offer money, gifts, favours or entertainment that might influence, or appear to influence our judgement.

We respect privacy and do not misuse information

Respect for client privacy and business confidentiality is central to the organisation’s credibility. At all times, we comply with the laws governing disclosure of information and we treat the privacy of our clients, colleagues and business affairs as a high priority.

To ensure confidentiality is maintained and information is not misused:

  • We only access confidential information for authorised work-related tasks.
  • We do not encourage or pressure others to disclose confidential, sensitive or privileged information.
  • We do not unlawfully disclose any information we acquire either as a consequence of our employment or by chance.
  • We do not take improper advantage of any information or documentation we have access to for our own or any other’s benefit.
  • We ensure secure collection, storage and disposal of confidential information regardless of its medium.

We strive to be good citizens and achieve community respect

RISA Inc is committed to service excellence and aims to maintain public confidence and respect. This can only be achieved if we are aware of our responsibilities and accountable for our actions.

This commitment is supported when:

  • We are committed to equity and diversity.
  • We strive to make a positive contribution to the organisation and the community we serve.
  • We consider the broader impact of our decisions on our colleagues, our clients and the community.
  • We strive to conserve natural resources and conduct our duties in the best interest of the environment at all times.
  • We do not waste, improperly use or be extravagant with the resources of RISA Inc.
  • We report any corrupt or fraudulent conduct in the public sector or any maladministration that we have reason to suspect.
  • If you are unsure whether an action is in breach of this Code of Conduct, raise the matter with a management committee member. We each have a responsibility to report breaches of the Code.

RISA Inc’s rights and responsibilities

RISA Inc has the right to:

  • Clearly articulated legal and moral standards and requirements through codes, policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures manuals
  • Expect members to be aware of policies, procedures, strategies and resources that the organisation promotes and distributes
  • Expect all members to maintain appropriate standards of behaviour and comply with the Codes of Conduct implemented and endorsed by the organisation
  • Take appropriate action if members breach the organisation’s Codes of Conduct or policies
  • Take appropriate action in the event of complaints, accusations or allegations being made regarding the organisation or its members
  • Expect members undertake training and development when appropriate and advised

RISA Inc is responsible for:

  • Fulfilling the purpose and intention of the organisation as stated in its vision and mission statements
  • Providing a safe environment for all members that is free from discrimination, harassment and abuse
  • Ensuring as far as possible that all members and participants are treated fairly, with respect and dignity regardless of gender, race, place of origin, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, socio-economic status and other conditions
  • Promoting to members appropriate standards of conduct
  • Promptly dealing with any breeches or complaints in an impartial, sensitive, consistent, fair, timely and confidential manner, without fear or favour
  • Adopting, implementing, complying with and promoting relevant policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Understanding and complying with legislation that applies to RISA Inc including child protection, occupational health and safety, equal opportunity, association incorporation and privacy laws.
  • Publishing, promoting, distributing and reviewing resources and policies created and implemented by the organisation. Making these available and accessible to all members as required.
  • Providing relevant and ongoing training opportunities to members
  • Establishing appropriate risk management practices to protect the needs and interests of the organisation and its members
  • Providing effective governance and sound strategic and business planning to ensure the success of the organisation now and in the future. Being financial transparent and accountable to its members 

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